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Dear employee:
Entrusted by the board of directors, I wish to extend, on behalf of Shenzhen Shibeide Technology Co., Ltd., sincerely welcome you, to congratulate you on your becoming Shenzhen Shibeide Technology Co., Ltd. Company employees! As a member of the company, I and everyone's wishes, it is to Shibeide built a innovation is not conservative, specifications and not rigid and strict yet democracy of modern enterprise. Each employee, in front of the company's rules and regulations, are equal, we are equal to enjoy the rights, equality in accordance with the company's system and job duties, the company respects the laws, regulations and company regulations to give each employee the right.
. To create a healthy, orderly, civilized working environment, for Shibeide company a better tomorrow, I to you initiative: abide by the rules and regulations of the company, the successful completion of production and operation of various tasks, dedication, hard work, unity and solidarity, to Shi Bader company construction better, develop better!
Shenzhen Shibeide Technology Co., Ltd.
General manager: Gu Xin
October 1, 2008

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